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Dr Tarun Gaur (Meera Orthodontics Clinic Ajmer) is the most preferred dentist in the Ajmer that have more than ten years of experience in treating patients with several dental problems. Mr Gaur is known to have extensive training in dental care, cosmetic dentistry and dental implant that makes him a frequent visitor by many patients residing in India and all across the globe.

We offer personalised attention to patients with dental services in all the areas including gum treatment, kids dentistry, orthodontics, crown and bridges. Meera Dental Clinic offers you great ambience, best hospitality and superb experience with our doctors. We have a vast number of regular patients that come to us for regular check-ups because of the dedication and precision adopted by our doctor.

Best Dentist Team in Ajmer At Meera Dental Clinic

Coming at Meera Dental Clinic, you will always go out with a smile, as the dentists at our clinic care for our patients smile. We offer great treatments to our patients regarding various dental problems. You can check out more details about our services such as cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, gum treatment, crown and bridges, orthodontics, kids dentistry, dental radiology, maxillofacial surgery, oral cancer detection, etc.

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Dental treatment from best dental surgeons. Our Dentist has vast experience in dental implants, Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching, Complete-Denture, Root Canal Treatment, Smile Designing, Post And Core, Teeth Whitening, Bracess, Extraction, Scaling Peridontal surgeries and many more. visit and consult with ajmer best implantologist today.

  • Team of best dental specialists
  • Highest sterilization standards
  • Sure success of treatment
  • Latest Dental technology

Professional Dental Care Services From Dentist

Meera Dental Clinic offers a variety of dental services with the improvised quality. Our priority is the quality in the services we provide and we always tend to keep our client fully satisfied. Our motto is to make a world smile in a better way. Some of the orthodontics services by our dentists that we provide are listed below:-

  • Dental Implants
  • Teeth Straightening
  • Crown and Bridges
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Gum Treatment
  • Smile Makeover Consultation

All the above procedures are followed by a specialist in a clean environment. We don’t compromise with the tools and machines. Our Dentist follow a strict attitude towards all the precautions to be taken in a Renowned Dental Clinic. All non disposable dental tools and needle are cleaned and sterilized between patients in orders to maintain the decorum of the clinic adding to the quality of dental clinic in Ajmer.


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About Our Treatment Result

Our immense pleasure lies in the benefits of our clients visited at Meera Dental Clinic. Our results which make us the best clinic in Ajmer. The success speaks accordingly with the queue of benefited costumers visited for various Orthodontics procedures.

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