Cosmetic Tooth Colored Fillings Treatment Ajmer

The tooth become weak enough when it starts decaying and the resulting cavity need to be filled immediately so as to prevent the decay and to get back the optimal chewing function. Different types of materials are used to create fillings. Fillings are considered to be the ultimate treatment for tooth decay and also to restore the damaged tooth. Today cosmetic fillings are executed by dentists both for aesthetic reasons and for better oral health. Cosmetic filling is a type do dental procedure where a material like composite white filling or silver amalgam is used so that the decayed tooth can be treated. This material is inserted into the tooth by dentists so as to prevent the decay from spreading and to repair the damages.

Cosmetic fillings are the ultimate treatment to stop the decay from spreading into root which may cause infection later. After the advent of cosmetic fillings, the need of tooth extraction is eliminated. There are three different types of material that are used for fillings: Silver amalgam fillings, Fluoride (white) fillings and composite tooth-colored fillings.

Silver amalgam is the conventional material that has been in used for years for filling. Silver amalgam is composed of several metals like mercury, tin and copper. With the combination of these materials the normal function of the tooth is well maintained. Not much in use now a days.

Flouride fillings are done in deeper cavities & being adhesive in nature, helps to stick on the teeth.They are white in colour.
The composite tooth colored filling which is a synthetic combination of glass and acrylic resin and it is white in color, thus it amalgamates perfectly with the natural color of the tooth. This filling is mainly offered to patients who are quite concern about their looks and want to have fillings that can amalgamate with the natural color of their tooth.

All these filling materials have their own advantages. Silver amalgam filling is mainly known for its durability and it last for more than ten years. This filling is more durable than other traditional fillings available for cosmetic fillings procedure. Besides, composite white filling is mainly popular for white color that amalgamates with the natural color of the tooth easily. Moreover, it is quite safe and secure to use and your oral health is not hampered by this type of filling. Some complications has been raised about the safety of silver amalgam because of the mercury content and this is the reason why most of the people often opt for composite white filling instead of silver amalgam.

In composite white fillings and in silver amalgam, the procedure is similar because drilling is done to make small opening in the affected tooth so that fillings can inserted. The only different between these two is that in composite filling the dentists will give a final polish so as to make sure that the tooth is clean and amalgamate well with rest of the teeth. So, if you are looking affordable and optimal cosmetic fillings, then approach us at Dr. Kathuria’s, Multi Specialty Dental Clinic. We will be happy to serve you with out world class services and products. With the best fillings specialists at their clinic, will surely help you in your dental fillings needs.

  • Firstly, the dentists will create marks on the teeth of the patients with the help of which they are get better idea about the shaping process.
  • Secondly, the surface of the teeth will be shaped with the help of air turbine drills and during this session the enamel will be shaped gradually.
  • Thirdly, the dentists may use abrasive strips as sanding tool between the teeth.
  • At last, the dentists will polish and make the surface smooth than ever before so as to make your teeth look perfect.

Cosmetic contouring and polishing is mainly carried out for several reasons. The most common reason due to which this procedure is employed is chipped or cracked teeth. Spots and stains on teeth are also removed with the help of this technique. Depending upon the quantity of discoloration, then dentists may employ minor sanding as well so as to make the discolored teeth uniformed in color.

To correct the gaps between teeth and for missing teeth, cosmetic contouring is used. It is important because it helps to fix the veneers in place. But, to reap maximum benefit from the procedure you need to choose the dentist clinic that specialize in cosmetic contouring and polishing like Dr.Tarun Gaur, Multi Specialty Dental Clinic, which is one of the best dental clinic in Ajmer.

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