Painless Microscope Assisted (RCT) Treatment Ajmer

Though there are many treatments available to help patients to preserve their infected and decayed teeth, but the most advanced and painless treatment to treat infected teeth is Painless Root Canal Treatment or RCT. Painless RCT is procedure that is mainly executed by dentists to remove the pulp tissues from the decayed or infected teeth. This treatment procedure is very effective and painless. This treatment is like a boon for dental patients because previously there was no option left for patients with decayed or infected teeth rather than removing it. After the advent on painless RCT now patients can treat their infected teeth without removing them.


  • Patients with throbbing pain in their tooth, especially during the night while sleeping.
  • Patients having sensation while having cold or hot drinks or food.
  • Patients with swelling in their jawbone or around the gums.


When infected or decayed tooth is left untreated, then the infection may spread into the substance of tooth which may further infect the pulp. If the pulp of the patient becomes infected, then it starts degenerating. Alike all other infection, there is a formation of pus-pocket in this condition at the tip of the roots within your jawbone, which is known as abscess. So, the patients will experience serve pain and swelling because of this abscess which may further affect the jawbone as well. So, painless RCT is quite essential to treat the condition


In the first step of the procedure, the dentists will drill the infected area so as to access the infected pulp. Once they drill the area, the dentists will remove the infect pulp tissue and then continue drilling the root canal. After removing the pulp and drilling the root canal, the dentists will disinfect the canal with the help of saline water and medical compounds. Standard filling material is used by the dentists to seal the canals and to prevent future infections. After filling and sealing the canals, the tooth is covered with the help of crown to protect it from fractures. The crown is placed immediately after the filling is done. It is important because once the tooth is fractured it becomes very difficult to save the tooth.

This treatment procedure demands several visits to clinic as it cannot be accomplished in a single clinic visit. To suppress the sensation of pain during drilling, the dentists apply local anesthesia prior to treatment. We at Dr. Kathuria’s, Multi Specialty Dental Clinic offer painless RCT at an affordable rate and also offer post surgery services so as to help patients to take precautionary measures after treatment to protect their tooth from damages and further infections.

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