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In Ajmer, India, the field of medical science, particularly surgery, has been continuously advancing. This progress extends to orthodontics, where several dental hospitals are providing exceptional services. Within orthodontics, maxillofacial treatment plays a crucial role in addressing issues such as extra teeth or abnormal tissue growth. Meera Dental Clinic in Ajmer stands out as the premier choice for maxillofacial surgery treatment.

Maxillofacial surgery encompasses the treatment of injuries and defects in the head, neck, face, and jaw, and it is performed by certified dentists. Residents of Ajmer seeking the best dental clinic for maxillofacial surgery can confidently visit Meera Dental Clinic and consult with highly skilled dentists.

At Meera Orthodontics Dental Clinic, patients receive top-notch surgical solutions for maxillofacial defects and injuries. The following services are offered by our best oral Maxillofacial Surgery Doctors in Ajmer as a part of this treatment:

1. Simple and Surgical Extraction Treatment by Experienced Dentists: Dental extraction involves the removal of damaged or supernumerary teeth from the mouth. This treatment is recommended when patients encounter difficulties in the growth of new teeth due to additional teeth or gum infections.

There are two types of dental extractions: simple extraction and surgical extraction.

  • Simple extraction is performed when a visible tooth is infected or superfluous. Dentists utilize simple instruments and local anesthesia to remove the affected tooth after isolating it from the surrounding gum.
  • Surgical extraction is employed when a tooth is located beneath the gum line or covered by soft tissue. In such cases, incisions or surgical procedures are necessary to extract the tooth.

2. Sinus Lift Surgery Treatment at Meera Dental, Ajmer: Sinus lift surgery aims to address defects in the maxillofacial area and jaw. This procedure is primarily used to augment bone in the upper jaw. It is sometimes required during dental implant surgeries when there is insufficient space between the sinus and jaw to accommodate the implant.

Various factors can cause a decrease in sinus height, including diseases, prolonged medication use, and trauma.

If you are considering maxillofacial surgery and treatment, it is crucial to take certain points into consideration:

  1. Ensure that the surgeon is experienced due to the inherent risks involved in this surgery.
  2. Always visit a trusted and certified dental hospital in your vicinity.
  3. Seek this surgery only from specialists or trained dentists and surgeons.

For the best maxillofacial surgery in Ajmer, you can rely on Meera Dental Clinic. Following the aforementioned tips, you can easily find a trained and certified dentist by visiting this clinic. Meera Dental Clinic offers exceptional orthodontic services, including dental implants, maxillofacial surgery, and other treatments in Ajmer.

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When considering maxillofacial surgery, it is essential to find trained and certified dentists who can provide the best care. Look no further than Meera Dental Clinic in Ajmer, where you will find exceptional orthodontic services for yourself and your loved ones.

We understand that the prospect of surgery can be nerve-wracking. At Meera Dental Clinic, we prioritize patient comfort and provide excellent facilities to ensure a relaxed and soothing environment.

Meera Dental Clinic offers a wide range of orthodontic services, including dental implants, maxillofacial surgery, and other treatments. Our experienced team of professionals caters to diverse dental needs.

Dr. Tarun Gaur, a renowned orthodontist in Ajmer, is known for his expertise and successful treatment outcomes. With his skillful approach, he ensures that patients regain their confidence and leave with beautiful smiles.

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