Cosmetic Contouring Treatment Ajmer

Is there any defect in your tooth due to which you can have the confident and perfect smile? Fortunately, there are several options available in dentistry that is designed to correct the imperfections of the teeth without any pain. Among all other procedures the most widely and commonly used procedure is Cosmetic Contouring & Polishing. This is a cosmetic dental procedure where the defected tooth is reshaped and polished to remove the imperfections and to offer a beautiful looking smile once again. This treatment is quite effective, painless and also very quick (just 10-15 min) in comparison to other traditional methods.

This procedure is mainly employed by dentists to correct minor problems like reshaping of teeth, positioning of teeth, polishing of teeth and correcting the length of the teeth. Though there are many dentists who claim to offer effective result, but in order to achieve the best results possible you need to approach Dr. Kathuria’s, Multi Specialty Dental Clinic we are equipped with well trained and expert professionals who specialize in cosmetic contouring and polishing.

Being a reputed and reliable multi specialty dental clinic, we always suggest our clients for few sessions more depending upon the type of reshaping and polishing required. Here is quick overview of the procedure we carried out during cosmetic contouring and polishing.

  • Firstly, the dentists will create marks on the teeth of the patients with the help of which they are get better idea about the shaping process.
  • Secondly, the surface of the teeth will be shaped with the help of air turbine drills and during this session the enamel will be shaped gradually.
  • Thirdly, the dentists may use abrasive strips as sanding tool between the teeth.
  • At last, the dentists will polish and make the surface smooth than ever before so as to make your teeth look perfect.

Cosmetic contouring and polishing is mainly carried out for several reasons. The most common reason due to which this procedure is employed is chipped or cracked teeth. Spots and stains on teeth are also removed with the help of this technique. Depending upon the quantity of discoloration, then dentists may employ minor sanding as well so as to make the discolored teeth uniformed in color.

To correct the gaps between teeth and for missing teeth, cosmetic contouring is used. It is important because it helps to fix the veneers in place. But, to reap maximum benefit from the procedure you need to choose the dentist clinic that specialize in cosmetic contouring and polishing like Dr. Tarun Gaur, Multi Specialty Dental Clinic, which is one of the best dental clinic in Ajmer.

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