Importance of regular dental check-up!

Good health is the key to success because you can achieve anything if your health supports you. Well, to have good health you must care about your diet and dental health. Most of the time people avoid dental health because they use to think dental health is not important. Well, this is not true, having good dental health and maintenance of oral hygiene is necessary too. You must visit dental hospital once in a year to have healthy and good oral hygiene. Most of the time dental health issues appear in children, therefore, you should not ignore the dental health of your kid. Now let’s see what does regular dental check-up meant for and how it is effective.

Why you should go for a regular dental check-up?

Actually, the structure of teeth is a little bit complicated and by having regular brush cannot clean up the teeth properly, especially in children and those who have crooked teeth. In this case, the dentist cleans the dental plaque, tartar accumulated on the teeth surface. So in order to clean up teeth to have good oral hygiene regular dental check-up is necessary. Apart from that when the patient visits for a dental check-up they go through these given steps.

  • Dental check-up
  • Examine of the cavity by X-rays
  • Examination of teeth, gum, head, face, throat, and neck to detect early sign of cancer.

Whether it is your child or any other family member or even you, don’t forget to visit for a dental check-up once in a year. Regular check-up and cleaning of your teeth & gums will improve your dental health. There are some benefits of visiting dentists on regular basis.

  • You don’t need to worry about dental health.
  • Regular check-up minimizes the risk of any severe problem.
  • You can avoid dental pain, swelling or another gum disease on early stage.
  • If children have any dental issue, it can be treated as soon as possible.
  • While dental check-up and cleaning dentist remove the dental plaque & tartar. After that polish the teeth that enhance the beauty of your teeth.

Things to do meanwhile dental check-up:

Between the gaps of visiting dental check-up, you must do a few things to maintain good oral health. Things tips will help you to prevent any kind of dental pain or cavity. You can follow these tips for children too old age person.

  • Take care of your eating habit. Always try to eat healthily and avoid sweet dishes, eating candies or taking soft drinks.
  • Brush twice in a day, once in the morning and second in a night.
  • Clean up your teeth after eating.
  • Floss on daily basis.
  • Use toothpaste which contains fluoride.
  • Use mouthwashes or mouth rinse to avoid bacterial growth in teeth.
  • To avoid bad breath or smell, you should use mouth fresheners.
  • Completely avoid taking coffee, wine or smoking.

If you will follow above given tips on a regular basis, then you will never have to face dental issues. Mainly dental issues have found on children, so for dental treatment for your child, you must look for an experienced and trained dentist. You can search for the best dentist in your city and then book your appointment. Regular dental check-up and care will prevent dental pain and other issues like dental carries in your kid. That’s why it would be a good choice to visit the dentist once a year rather than visit when your kid felt pain. Prevention is always better than cure, so keep it in mind and don’t avoid regular dental check-up.


Upbringings of kids are one of the most difficult things that every parent will have to do. Have you ever think that you must be careful about the infectious disease for your children or you must prevent it? If you think then tooth decay would be one of them. Well, prevention of dental decay is not that much difficult as you think, if you will follow some simple tips given in this blog. This blog has some easy and simplest ideas to prevent dental decay in kids or children. Despite all, if your kid is already having dental decay then you must visit a dentist or dental implant center for treatment of decay. Under the guidance of an expert dentist, your kid will be treated and will recover soon from dental decay. Moreover, this is time to have look at how to prevent dental decay in children.

Tips to prevent dental decay in children:-

Visit for a regular dental check-up: Routine dental check-up and cleaning of teeth will minimize the risk of a dental cavity. During a routine check-up, the dentist will examine the teeth, gum and other parts, and then clean it.

Limited sugar intake: The most important thing is taking sugar or sweet dishes, candies in a limited amount. Excessive intake of sugar leads to the dental cavity.

Ask them to brush twice a day: You must keep them in habit of brushing their teeth twice a day. Fix their routine to brush up their teeth twice on regular basis. It may be difficult in starting but after sometime kids will automatically follow the routine of brushing their teeth.

Clean teeth after eating: Teach your children to clean teeth after eating sweet or too sour food that will help to prevent bacteria. After eating junk foods, candies if your child doesn’t clean his/her mouth then there may be a chance of dental decay, so tell them to clean teeth after eating.

Always use toothpaste that contains fluoride: For brushing teeth choose fluoride-containing toothpaste. Especially for your kid, you can choose medicated toothpaste which is available in the market.

Tell your kids to drink plenty of water: Drinking plenty of water will prevent bacterial growth in the mouth that minimizes the plaque or tartar accumulation.

Reasons for tooth decay:

There are some certain reasons that lead to dental cavity or decay in children. You can see what the causes of dental decay are.

Excessive intake of sugar: Excessive intake of sugar may lead to dental decay because it induces to bacterial growth.

Poor oral hygiene: Poor oral hygiene is the main cause of dental decay.

Lack of tooth brushing: When a kid does not use to brush up on regular basis, then lack of fluoride exposure will lead to dental cavity or decay.

Well, above given all reason you can avoid in order to keep your child healthy and pain-free from due to dental decay. Hope all these tips to prevent dental decay will help you and your kid, but yet your kid have dental decay then without delay you must visit an experienced dentist in Ajmer. In Ajmer, you will meet experienced and highly qualified dentists who are dedicated to treating patients.

So, don’t need to worry about dental decay anymore and bear dental pain. Contact to the expert dentist for treatment, book your appointment and get treated. Yes, this is the desire of every parent to see their child happy and smiling always. Hope this blog would be helpful for all parents who are looking for tips to avoid dental cavity.

What is the best age for braces? animated

Crocked teeth are very common among children and parents opt for braces for the treatment. Actually braces are the dental equipment used to adjust teeth in beautiful manner. Often question comes what is the best age for braces in children and in which age braces would be effective? If you are also confused what is the best age for braces then go through via this blog and you will get answer of your question. First of all just have a look what are braces and its types.

What are the braces?

Braces are the dental equipment that fixed in teeth to arrange crocked teeth in perfect way. There are three varieties of braces available in the market, metal, plastic and brackets. It would be your choice that which bracket you wanted to carry or you can also ask your dentist.

Right time for braces:

The ideal timing for braces treatment is between 10-12 years because during this age mouth use to grow and teeth can be straight easily. There are huge changes that braces will take less time to straighten the crocked teeth. Apart from that the treatment procedure and screening of teeth impact on braces treatment.

If your child, any family member or you need braces treatment then you should book an appointment with orthodontics. Go for dental screening and according to the screen dentist will suggest you which kind of braces you should try and at what time. For dental screening best time is age of 7 years, but some adults also go for braces treatment and get good results.

Why 7-12 years of age is perfect for braces treatment?

Actually between 7-12 years of age the growth of mouth and head are in progress and because of that by using braces patient can be treated as soon as possible. During of treatment decrease and patient can achieve more effective result.

Orthodontics opts for two treatment phases for dental braces therapy. Phase first is done at the age of 7-10 years and phase two is done at the age of 10 or 12 years. Phase first treatment is used for immature teeth for making more space for developing teeth. It also used to correct the oral problem faced by children.

Phase two treatment is done when children has permanent teeth. This treatment is also called as comprehensive treatment because during this phase full braces are used for the treatment.

Braces are effective in adults?

Well, this is very common question that asked by people. Yes! Braces are effective in adults too but it takes longer time comparatively to children. If you are a adult and want to get braces treatment for your crocked teeth, then you can simply contact to orthodontics. After complete screening of your teeth and detection of complication, dentists will suggest you best brace treatment according to your age. Despite, it is very clear that correction of crocked teeth will take long term treatment because after some age mouth stop growing.

Overall, suggestion of dentist would be more accurate. That’s why if you wanted to know do you need braces treatment or you should go for dental screen get in touch with experts dentists where all confusion will go away.

Hope this blog would be helpful for you to know about braces, its type and at what age you should go for braces treatment. But still you would like to make it clearer then you can visit dental hospitals or clinic and fix your meeting with dental experts for treatment in order to correct your teeth arrangement.

Can I get insurance of my teeth?
  • Health insurance is very common nowadays because it helps people when they need any health treatment. This is a fact that medical treatment is too costly and it makes the heavy burden on the patient’s pocket. Well, …this happens also in the case of dental treatment. There are some dental treatment & surgeries in which patient cost more than 20000 rupees and what if when the patient will have to visit dentist frequently. That would be totally frustrating when you will have to pay such a heavy amount on per visit for dental treatment. Here is one solution for those all patients who have any dental problem or need dental surgery.

Often this question comes in mind that does health insurance cover up dental check-up? Or can I get insurance for my teeth? Then its answer yes you can. Health insurance covers dental treatment as well, so now if you have health insurance or medical claim then stop to worry about the fees of the dental check-up.

Types of general health insurance for dental health or dental health insurance plans:

There are some different types of dental insurance plans. You can have a look and find the best one insurance as per your choice. If you are confused about which dental plan you should opt for then you can get help with insurance experts or agents. They will guide and help you to the choice best dental insurance plan.

Individual health policy: Under basic plans of individual insurance, patients get premium cover up for dental health. In such insurance plans, the customer will have to pay extra to acquire benefits.

Surgery & critical illness policy: Well, it may seem standalone policy but some of these plans offer dental surgery. Dental surgery comes under critical medical procedure as per the plan of surgery & critical illness policy.

Preventive healthcare policy: If you want to get regular medical check-ups for dental issues then preventive healthcare policy would be a good choice for you because it will cover up dental health.

Travel Insurance policy: In case of an accident during traveling patients get dental treatment if required. In that situation when dental treatment is needed cost of treatment covered by insurance plan.

Personal accident cover: Same like travel insurance, there are some personal accident cover plans offer all expense during dental check-up after the accident. Even if dental surgery required due to an accident then a personal accident insurance plan will cover it.

Family health insurance policy: Family health insurance policy like mediclaim cover plans for insured dental illness treatment expenses. If you have taken any family health insurance or going to take health insurance then you can search for plans and opt which one have dental insurance plans.

Well, above described all insurance plans are the best option for the dental patient. Nowadays getting a regular dental check-up and especially when the patient has dental health issue is too difficult. So, it would be good for you and your family that you will take dental health insurance and gets all expenses for treatment.

If you ever face trouble due to dental issues or you need dental surgery like dental implant etc. Then just take an insurance plan for your dental health. Even dental insurance plans are effective and best for treatment but yet people are not aware of its benefits. You can also search for the dentist who provides dental check-up or surgery under your insurance policy. When there is a facility for your dental health is available here then why to expend your money on dental surgery or dental health check-up? In case of confusion, you can get help with experts.


As we all know dental science has been developing day by day and nowadays there is a various option for missing teeth, cracked teeth or gap between teeth. A beautiful smile is everything for those who value inner beauty more than face but yet you cannot deny that first impression is important too. So, what to do when you or your loved one has crooked teeth which steel their smile and confidence? Just relaxed and visit the expert dentist and ask for treatment. You can opt for crown or veneers dental treatment. Whether it is crown or veneers both dental treatments are used for restoration of teeth but often people get confused which one they should prefer. That’s why here in this blog we are going to reveal some facts about crown & veneers, so it would be clear for which treatment you should go for.

What are crown & veneer?

Crowns & Veneers are the dental elements that use to treat missing teeth or gap between teeth. Here we will find which will work better for you. So, first of all, see what Veneer is. Veneer is the shells of porcelain that bonded to the front surface of the teeth. During this procedure, the small amount of teeth enamel removed from the teeth and then veneer bonded to its surface. It results to bring a beautiful smile.

The crowns are also porcelain shells but it doesn’t need to remove the enamel because it fits most of the tooth. Dental crowns are used to improve the structure and functions of the tooth. Both of these treatments are lifelong. Proper hygiene of oral health may commit for last longer life span of dental restoration.

Problem fixed by Crowns & Veneers:-

Crown or veneer both dental treatments are made up of porcelain. Both dental treatment use to fix the bad appearance of a tooth and enhance the beauty but see when crown become the best option and when veneer become the best option.

When opting for crowns?

Both crowns and veneers are designed to fix different issues like veneer is the best option for those people who are likely to get cosmetic restoration. It only changes the appearance of a tooth and enhances beauty without changing any functionality. Veneers are applied during correction of minor cracks, stains, enamel damage, and misalignments.

When opting for veneers?

Crowns are used to correct the same problems described as above but the crown also fixes the function of teeth. Those patients who had an accident, or have chipped a tooth, crowns are a better option than veneers. Dental crown help to get back tooth in normal structure, if the patient has done root canal then crowns would be a better option rather than veneers.

Well, you saw above when you can pick up the crown and when you can select a veneer for dental restoration. But if you have still any confusion and wanted to get advice then you should get in touch with dental experts. Simply visit the top and experienced dentist in your city and share your problem, the dentist will suggest you the best option according to your condition of teeth. So, when it comes to your teeth and smile when you do not need to avoid the situation or compromise with it. Just take the right decision. A beautiful smile brings confidence and confidence leads to success.

Hope so this blog would be beneficiary for you and you will understand the role of crowns & veneers very well. If you ever find that you need dental restoration then simply contact the dentist and ask them for treatment.

What is Pyorrhea – Symptoms, Treatment, Cause & Cure

What is Pyorrhea – Symptoms, Treatment, Cause & Cure

There are many dental problems faced by people, among such dental health issues “Pyorrhea” is the most common one. If the Pyorrhea is in the primary stage and gets proper treatment then it can cure very soon. But some time server condition of Pyorrhea may lead to loss of teeth. Now come to the point, what is the reason that this disease appears in the tooth. And the reason is poor oral hygiene, because of that, the bacteria stick on the layer of tooth and gums. Then bacteria start deteriorating the teeth and patient feels pain, bleeding gums and losing teeth.

Now just have a look on the sign & symptoms of Pyorrhea, its treatment, cause & cure. Hope this blog will guide readers about Pyorrhea and how they can prevent this dental problem.

Symptoms: There are some symptoms are described here which often appear in the condition of Pyorrhea. In case you have any symptoms then you must contact the dentist for treatment.

  • Bad breath
  • Painful teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Dusky or bright red gums
  • Pain while chewing
  • New space developed between teeth
  • Swollen gums

Treatment: For the treatment of dental health issue “Pyorrhea” patients must visit any reliable dental clinic where an experienced dentist can treat it. The condition of Pyorrhea and its severity may take prolong treatment or can be treated within a short time duration. If you or your any family member is suffering from a dental problem like Pyorrhea then you must search the best dentist for the treatment.

Causes: See what the causes that lead to Pyorrhea disease are given below.

Plaque formation on teeth: Due to poor oral hygiene and now brushing teeth can cause of accumulation of plaque. This is a layer of bioform that formed due to acids.

Plaque turns into tartar: When plaque doesn’t remove for a long time, then it starts to turn into tartar. The Tartar is difficult to remove and filled by bacteria. It deteriorates teeth and patient start losing teeth.

Tartar can cause gingivitis: Due to the accumulation of Tartar for a long time, the gum starts to pain and bleeding. The swell gums and irritation turn into a severe dental problem.

Cure: If we talk about the cure of Pyorrhea disease then you must keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. So everyone should try to prevent dental health issues. Well, just have a look at the cure of this dental trouble.

  • Maintain good oral hygiene: Yes! This is the first and foremost method to cure Pyorrhea disease. Always brush twice in a day. Use mouthwashes or mouth rinses to clean your teeth. Remove food particles after eating and drink plenty of water.
  • Go for a regular dental check-up: Regular dental check-up reduces the risk of Pyorrhea. And when the patient is suffering from Pyorrhea then routine checkup become compulsory. Visit your nearest and experienced dentists for a dental checkup. Book your appointment on a regular basis unless Pyorrhea gets treated.

Well, this blog has all information about Pyorrhea, its symptoms, treatment, causes, and cure. Whether it’s dental patient or any normal person this blog will guide them to prevent dental issues. In case you have any confusion or have any query then you can directly meet any dentist and ask them about your problem and queries. Hope you will understand how you can prevent dental health issues and maintain good oral hygiene. Good oral health is directly connected with other health. So always try to brush up your teeth twice in a day, clean teeth after eating and smile beautifully.


Bad Breath - Cause, Treatment and Home Remedy

A beautiful face and awesome personality is the dream of everyone, but what if your breath has a bad smell? It would be so embarrassing moment when you would have bad breath. So let’s talk about bad breath, its causes and how it can be treated. Here we have also mention home remedies that will help you to prevent bad smell or breath. Here in this blog, you can read about the reasons for bad breath, how you can prevent it and its treatment. Some home remedies are also maintained here which you can try to avoid dental health issues and bad smell.

Causes of bad breath: The main cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. Due to poor oral hygiene bacteria start growing in the mouth and leads to other dental issues along with bad breath.

  • Lack of drinking water, eating unhealthy food and accumulation of plaque on the layer of teeth can cause a bad smell. Sometimes when food particles stuck between teeth or gap of tooth then it leads to bad smell.
  • There are certain foods like onion & garlic, which is the reason of bad breath, actually these foods during digestion release sulfur that mixed up in the bloodstream and generate bad smell.
  • Sometime in disease condition like diabetes complications and renal failure conditions can cause bad breath, acid reflux or medications may be the reason of bad breath.

Treatment: For the treatment of bad smell or bad breath, you must visit any experienced dentist and ask them for treatment. You can visit your dentist for a routine health checkup. Regular dental health checks up will protect you against any kind of dental problem.

You can brush up your teeth twice in a day, once in morning and second in the night. Always clean your teeth after eating and try to avoid eating onion and garlic in an excessive way. Well, there are some tips that will help you to avoid bad breath. There are some home remedies which you can try to prevent bad breath.

Home remedies: Taking home remedies instead of medicine are always better option for any health issue, and especially when it comes to prevent bad breath after eating sulfur-containing food. So here we have discussed some remedies just have a look.

Drink plenty of water: Often dryness of mouth leads to bad breath and saliva plays wide role to clean mouth. So when you will drink plenty of water then you would be able to get rid of bad smell.

Fennel: Fennel is one of the well-known home remedy to prevent bad smell after eating garlic or onion food that contain sulfur. Fennel used as mouth freshener after dinner or lunch from ancient time.

Add yogurt in diet: Taking yogurt in diet would be good option for health. Yogurts reduce the bad breath issues within one or two weeks. If you are taking medications then you must eat yogurt to avoid bad breath.

Milk: Milk is one of the best home remedy to avoid bad breath. You can take a glass of milk after or before eating a spicy or garlic/onion containing food.

Eating health food and drinking plenty of water can reduce the risk of bad breath. Well, there are also some small things which you can avoid to prevent dental health problem. And that is to keep your teeth neat and clean. Moreover, if you are having any trouble related to dental health or even these remedies is unable to help you to prevent bad smell then you should contact to dentist for treatment.


As we have experienced that the technology of medical science has been improving day by day. Dental Implant is a term of dental treatment which deals with the loss or missing teeth. There are many trained and the experienced dentist in Ajmer is who perform dental Implant surgery in patients. These dental professional use to called as Orthodontics. This is a new technology under the dental treatment program, therefore there are many myths and confusions distract the patient’s mind. Often they think that would dental implant surgery help them, does dental implant remain last forever and so on. Well, dental implant surgery is one of the best technologies for the treatment of broken, missed or loosed tooth and so far the question is “Does it remain last forever?” Then there are some facts on which success of dental implant depends.

Why does dental implant require?

For the treatment of missing teeth, broken tooth or for teeth loss, dental implant surgery takes place instead of denaturing. A dental implant is new technology which is less painful rather than other treatments. Cost-effective, long lasting and quick recovery after surgery are the main reasons dentists prefer this dental implant surgery instead of other treatment.

 Facts that made dental implant last longer:

Well, for the long term purpose dental implant is the best option for missing tooth treatment, but this surgery doesn’t remain forever. But if patient follows some tips then they can get long lasting service of dental implant surgery.

The material used for dental implant surgery: Good and reliable quality products if used for dental implant then it remains for the long term. Selection of cheap material may reduce the life of dental implant surgery.

 Maintaining good oral hygiene: If the patient maintains good oral hygiene after this surgery, then there is a huge chance that their dental implant surgery will serve last longer. Use mouthwashes, flosses, medicated toothpaste, and clean teeth after eating every time.

Good eating & drinking habits: After dental implant surgery often dentist suggests some tips for oral hygiene. Avoid taking cold drinks, coffee, and acid-based drinks in an excessive manner. Avoid eating hard candies or nuts on the early stage of the recovery process of the dental implant.

 Disease condition: The condition of diseases and medication may minimize the age of dental implant. In some patients due to medication, they suffer poor oral health that leads to minimize the age of dental implant surgery. Sometimes due to the side effect of medicine, people use to lose their teeth in early stage. Here in this scenario patient need to ask for the suggestion with the experienced dentist by which they can avoid or minimize the risk of dental implant failure.

Restoring Dental Implant: When people face dental implant surgery, after some year of treatment the patient may require restoration. In most of cases proper care and treatment of dental implanted tooth may last for longer.

Tips for dental implant:

Here in this blog, you read about the conditions that may increase the life of your implanted surgery. If you need dental implant surgery because you have lost your teeth, then make sure the dentist who is going to treat you is experienced. As per the rule, every dentist can do dental implant, but they must have training certificate. if you are in ajmer and you are looking for orthodontics for dental implant then you must visit Meera Dental Care

Search top-class surgeon in your area, if need then you can take help from Google and then contact the dentist for an appointment. Book your appointment for dental implant surgery as per your plans.

After successful implant surgery maintains oral hygiene and brushes twice in a day. Avoid accumulation of dental plaque, acid attack and bacterial formation on the upper layer of your teeth.


Health is wealth, and good health comes from better oral health. Well, there are so many oral health issues faced by millions of people. Tooth decay & dental cavity is one of them. The actual meaning of the dental cavity is the condition of teeth when teeth start to soften by the attacks of acid. It created when due to poor oral hygiene a layer of dental plaque accumulates on the tooth surface. Then bacteria start to break down the tooth that leads to tooth decay. Mainly tooth decay and dental cavity problem occur in children and kids. For avoiding this problem you must consult with a dentist for kids dentistry

If you wanted to know about dental cavity & tooth decay, its symptoms, causes, and treatment then this blog will be beneficiary for you. In this here we have compiled all information about dental cavity & tooth decay. Now just have a look on its symptoms, causes & treatment.

Symptoms: When dental decay and cavity start to progress then some symptoms start to appear. If in case you or your children face such symptoms then you must meet to an expert dentist for the treatment.

  • Pain: Teeth start to feel pain during eating or chewing. In severe cases a toothache faced by the patients even they don’t eat.
  • Pressure: In sensitive cases, tooth decay leads to pain & pressure.
  • Pits: In affected tooth, you can notice a hole or pit. Some pits are visual by naked eyes and some need dental x-rays.
  • Pus: Pus on the surface of dental teeth can occur in the most severe case.

Dental pain, pressure, pits, and pus are the very common symptoms of dental cavity & decay. If anyone ever faces some symptoms maintain as above then they should go for dental treatment without any delay.

Causes: Well, there is more than one cause of dental cavity which is maintained here in this blog. You can also avoid these causes to prevent dental cavity in your kids or yourself. See what are reasons that lead to dental cavity & tooth decay.

  • Poor oral hygiene: Irregular brush and poor oral hygiene can lead to dental caries and tooth decay problems.
  • Eating & drinking habit: Eating sweet and sore food, often leads from bad eating habit. The habit of taking soft drinks, cold drinks, cold coffee and etc. Excessive uptake of drinks can be one cause of the dental cavity.
  • Dry mouth: Due to dry mouth, plaque stays in the mouth, actually it happens that due to dry mouth plaque stick in tooth and don’t wash out.
  • Plaque formation: When food particles, saliva and acid mix via bacteria then prepare a layer on the dental surface. The acid attack on tooth leads to the dental cavity.
  • Medical history: Due to the side effect of some medicines some time dental cavity appears.

Treatments: For the treatment of dental cavities and decays whether it’s your child or it’s you only, visit dentists near you. Search and contact to the experienced and skilled dentist where experts can treat your tooth for the betterment. Apart from that, there are some tips which would be helpful for everyone to prevent oral health issues.

  • Brush twice a day: Keep in mind to brush your teeth twice a day. This would be a good family habit to brush your tooth twice in a day.
  • Use toothpaste & toothbrush: For cleaning of your tooth, you must use toothpaste & toothbrush. If possible then choose medicated toothpaste.
  • Dental floss: To remove food particles in order to clean your teeth, use dental floss.
  • Mouthwashes: Rinse your mouth every night by using mouthwashes.
6 most common Myths about Dental Implants!

Medical science has been updating its technology for the betterment of the human being. Once upon a time when Denture was the only procedure for the treatment of tooth loss but now there are some excellent dental techniques here. “Dental Implant” is one of the advanced dental treatments for those who are suffering from tooth loss. Yet there are some myths about Dental Implants by which people feel uncomfortable to opt this dental treatment. Here in this blog let’s have a look on 6 most common myths about Dental implant and get rid of the myths. See the 6 common myths and what are the real facts about this treatment.

  1. Dental Implant makes their look weird: Dental implant just resemble like normal teeth, even others cannot identify unless the person who has dental implant tell them by themselves. The natural tooth may look dull in color or shape but the implanted tooth enhances the beauty of the smile. No one can identify that patient had done the dental implant because it looks natural.
  1. After treatment recovery takes longer time: Recovery process of dental implant is about two months to six months. Actually, it does depend on patient’s healing ability, some patients recover sooner or some late. Yet recovery after dental implant brings the awesome smile on your face.
  1. Dental implant process is too expensive: Of course not! This is long term procedure so in comparison durability of this treatment and the cost, make it cost effective. Once the patient would have dental implant then they can enjoy this last 7 to 10 years.
  1. It is a painful procedure: There are many people, who use to think that the dental implant procedure is painful. But if patient goes for the dental implant procedure then they will find that it is less painful, rather then they had thought. During the treatment dentist’s use local anesthetics or nitrous oxide that prevents pain at the time of tooth implantation.
  1. The dental implant can be performed by any dentist: Well, most of the people are living in this myth that any dentist can place the tooth, so before going for dental implant treatment one thing must keep in mind that every dentist can’t perform this treatment. Only expert and the experienced dentist can do it because they need to have special training in the surgical implant procedure.
  1. After dental implant procedure patient can’t eat all foods: This is not true, because dental implant procedure is too simple and less painful comparison to other treatments. After the dental treatment patient can eat all foods like they use to eat in normal days. Although the healing procedure of dental implant took two months to six month time, during this time the patient may have to follow the instructions given by the dentist.

But when your recovery did successfully then the patient doesn’t have to be conscious and can eat as before they used to.

Here we discussed the 6 common myths related to dental implant treatment, which often comes in mind of the patient. After reading this blog it may possible that you will find the real facts about it. Yet, if patients have any query or confusion about the dental implant treatment then they must consult with an orthodontic or the certified expert. For the dental implant treatment, you must visit at the reliable dental clinic at your location if you cannot go to any other place for the treatment. Hope this blog will draw a clear picture about dental implant surgery for all readers and they won’t believe in myths anymore.