Bad Breath – Cause, Treatment and Home Remedy

Bad Breath - Cause, Treatment and Home Remedy

A beautiful face and awesome personality is the dream of everyone, but what if your breath has a bad smell? It would be so embarrassing moment when you would have bad breath. So let’s talk about bad breath, its causes and how it can be treated. Here we have also mention home remedies that will help you to prevent bad smell or breath. Here in this blog, you can read about the reasons for bad breath, how you can prevent it and its treatment. Some home remedies are also maintained here which you can try to avoid dental health issues and bad smell.

Causes of bad breath: The main cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. Due to poor oral hygiene bacteria start growing in the mouth and leads to other dental issues along with bad breath.

  • Lack of drinking water, eating unhealthy food and accumulation of plaque on the layer of teeth can cause a bad smell. Sometimes when food particles stuck between teeth or gap of tooth then it leads to bad smell.
  • There are certain foods like onion & garlic, which is the reason of bad breath, actually these foods during digestion release sulfur that mixed up in the bloodstream and generate bad smell.
  • Sometime in disease condition like diabetes complications and renal failure conditions can cause bad breath, acid reflux or medications may be the reason of bad breath.

Treatment: For the treatment of bad smell or bad breath, you must visit any experienced dentist and ask them for treatment. You can visit your dentist for a routine health checkup. Regular dental health checks up will protect you against any kind of dental problem.

You can brush up your teeth twice in a day, once in morning and second in the night. Always clean your teeth after eating and try to avoid eating onion and garlic in an excessive way. Well, there are some tips that will help you to avoid bad breath. There are some home remedies which you can try to prevent bad breath.

Home remedies: Taking home remedies instead of medicine are always better option for any health issue, and especially when it comes to prevent bad breath after eating sulfur-containing food. So here we have discussed some remedies just have a look.

Drink plenty of water: Often dryness of mouth leads to bad breath and saliva plays wide role to clean mouth. So when you will drink plenty of water then you would be able to get rid of bad smell.

Fennel: Fennel is one of the well-known home remedy to prevent bad smell after eating garlic or onion food that contain sulfur. Fennel used as mouth freshener after dinner or lunch from ancient time.

Add yogurt in diet: Taking yogurt in diet would be good option for health. Yogurts reduce the bad breath issues within one or two weeks. If you are taking medications then you must eat yogurt to avoid bad breath.

Milk: Milk is one of the best home remedy to avoid bad breath. You can take a glass of milk after or before eating a spicy or garlic/onion containing food.

Eating health food and drinking plenty of water can reduce the risk of bad breath. Well, there are also some small things which you can avoid to prevent dental health problem. And that is to keep your teeth neat and clean. Moreover, if you are having any trouble related to dental health or even these remedies is unable to help you to prevent bad smell then you should contact to dentist for treatment.

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