Cavity & Tooth Decay : Symptoms, Causes & Treatment


Health is wealth, and good health comes from better oral health. Well, there are so many oral health issues faced by millions of people. Tooth decay & dental cavity is one of them. The actual meaning of the dental cavity is the condition of teeth when teeth start to soften by the attacks of acid. It created when due to poor oral hygiene a layer of dental plaque accumulates on the tooth surface. Then bacteria start to break down the tooth that leads to tooth decay. Mainly tooth decay and dental cavity problem occur in children and kids. For avoiding this problem you must consult with a dentist for kids dentistry

If you wanted to know about dental cavity & tooth decay, its symptoms, causes, and treatment then this blog will be beneficiary for you. In this here we have compiled all information about dental cavity & tooth decay. Now just have a look on its symptoms, causes & treatment.

Symptoms: When dental decay and cavity start to progress then some symptoms start to appear. If in case you or your children face such symptoms then you must meet to an expert dentist for the treatment.

  • Pain: Teeth start to feel pain during eating or chewing. In severe cases a toothache faced by the patients even they don’t eat.
  • Pressure: In sensitive cases, tooth decay leads to pain & pressure.
  • Pits: In affected tooth, you can notice a hole or pit. Some pits are visual by naked eyes and some need dental x-rays.
  • Pus: Pus on the surface of dental teeth can occur in the most severe case.

Dental pain, pressure, pits, and pus are the very common symptoms of dental cavity & decay. If anyone ever faces some symptoms maintain as above then they should go for dental treatment without any delay.

Causes: Well, there is more than one cause of dental cavity which is maintained here in this blog. You can also avoid these causes to prevent dental cavity in your kids or yourself. See what are reasons that lead to dental cavity & tooth decay.

  • Poor oral hygiene: Irregular brush and poor oral hygiene can lead to dental caries and tooth decay problems.
  • Eating & drinking habit: Eating sweet and sore food, often leads from bad eating habit. The habit of taking soft drinks, cold drinks, cold coffee and etc. Excessive uptake of drinks can be one cause of the dental cavity.
  • Dry mouth: Due to dry mouth, plaque stays in the mouth, actually it happens that due to dry mouth plaque stick in tooth and don’t wash out.
  • Plaque formation: When food particles, saliva and acid mix via bacteria then prepare a layer on the dental surface. The acid attack on tooth leads to the dental cavity.
  • Medical history: Due to the side effect of some medicines some time dental cavity appears.

Treatments: For the treatment of dental cavities and decays whether it’s your child or it’s you only, visit dentists near you. Search and contact to the experienced and skilled dentist where experts can treat your tooth for the betterment. Apart from that, there are some tips which would be helpful for everyone to prevent oral health issues.

  • Brush twice a day: Keep in mind to brush your teeth twice a day. This would be a good family habit to brush your tooth twice in a day.
  • Use toothpaste & toothbrush: For cleaning of your tooth, you must use toothpaste & toothbrush. If possible then choose medicated toothpaste.
  • Dental floss: To remove food particles in order to clean your teeth, use dental floss.
  • Mouthwashes: Rinse your mouth every night by using mouthwashes.
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