Which is Best Option Crown or Veneers?


As we all know dental science has been developing day by day and nowadays there is a various option for missing teeth, cracked teeth or gap between teeth. A beautiful smile is everything for those who value inner beauty more than face but yet you cannot deny that first impression is important too. So, what to do when you or your loved one has crooked teeth which steel their smile and confidence? Just relaxed and visit the expert dentist and ask for treatment. You can opt for crown or veneers dental treatment. Whether it is crown or veneers both dental treatments are used for restoration of teeth but often people get confused which one they should prefer. That’s why here in this blog we are going to reveal some facts about crown & veneers, so it would be clear for which treatment you should go for.

What are crown & veneer?

Crowns & Veneers are the dental elements that use to treat missing teeth or gap between teeth. Here we will find which will work better for you. So, first of all, see what Veneer is. Veneer is the shells of porcelain that bonded to the front surface of the teeth. During this procedure, the small amount of teeth enamel removed from the teeth and then veneer bonded to its surface. It results to bring a beautiful smile.

The crowns are also porcelain shells but it doesn’t need to remove the enamel because it fits most of the tooth. Dental crowns are used to improve the structure and functions of the tooth. Both of these treatments are lifelong. Proper hygiene of oral health may commit for last longer life span of dental restoration.

Problem fixed by Crowns & Veneers:-

Crown or veneer both dental treatments are made up of porcelain. Both dental treatment use to fix the bad appearance of a tooth and enhance the beauty but see when crown become the best option and when veneer become the best option.

When opting for crowns?

Both crowns and veneers are designed to fix different issues like veneer is the best option for those people who are likely to get cosmetic restoration. It only changes the appearance of a tooth and enhances beauty without changing any functionality. Veneers are applied during correction of minor cracks, stains, enamel damage, and misalignments.

When opting for veneers?

Crowns are used to correct the same problems described as above but the crown also fixes the function of teeth. Those patients who had an accident, or have chipped a tooth, crowns are a better option than veneers. Dental crown help to get back tooth in normal structure, if the patient has done root canal then crowns would be a better option rather than veneers.

Well, you saw above when you can pick up the crown and when you can select a veneer for dental restoration. But if you have still any confusion and wanted to get advice then you should get in touch with dental experts. Simply visit the top and experienced dentist in your city and share your problem, the dentist will suggest you the best option according to your condition of teeth. So, when it comes to your teeth and smile when you do not need to avoid the situation or compromise with it. Just take the right decision. A beautiful smile brings confidence and confidence leads to success.

Hope so this blog would be beneficiary for you and you will understand the role of crowns & veneers very well. If you ever find that you need dental restoration then simply contact the dentist and ask them for treatment.

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